Motif Hair Removal

Laser Technology for Permanent Hair Reduction

Permanently reduce the appearance of unwanted facial or body hair with Motif® laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is an exciting alternative to more conventional, time-consuming methods, providing people throughout the Green Bay area with a fast and lasting solution to excess or unwanted hair on the face, legs, back, arms and bikini area. 

Motif Laser Hair Removal is Effective On All Hair Types

With Motif laser hair removal, we can treat both lighter and darker hair, safely and effectively. Motif combines light-based technology with radio frequency to target hair with even less damage to the surrounding skin. You’ll achieve permanent hair reduction after just a few treatments.

Motif Energy Targets the Follicles without Damaging Skin

During the Motif hair removal procedure, a laser pulse delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat into your skin, damaging the hair follicles to prevent future growth in the targeted area. Treatments take anywhere from a few minutes to about an hour, depending on the area being treated. Typically, 5-6 sessions scheduled 4-5 weeks apart are needed for best results as laser hair removal is most effective when hairs are in the growth stage.

Motif Laser Hair Removal is Virtually Pain-Free and Requires No Downtime.

Motif laser hair removal uses soothing bursts of liquid cryogen throughout the procedure to provide comfort and protect the skin. It is a no-downtime solution to unwanted hair, so you can return to your normal activities almost immediately.

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Motif Hair Removal Clinical Results

  • Before

    Post 2 Treatments

  • Before

    4 Weeks Post 2 Treatments